Appointments are 50 minutes.

You may like to wear comfortable clothes and trousers that roll up to the knee.  On your initial session I will also ask you about your health history, how you sleep and any other symptoms you may have, to assess your overall health.

Appointments are £50 for all sessions (no extra charge for the first treatment)

I ask that you give me 24 hours notice please to change an appointment or I may have to make a charge.

If you are with a health insurance company that covers Acupuncture I can write receipts and provide letters for you to claim for your treatments.





Data protection and privacy – GDPR

Acupuncturists work within a legal framework.

When booking an appointment with me you accept that I must, by law, keep a record of what treatment you have had. This is a list of points that I have used in each treatment.

I keep paper notes with your name and telephone number. If you have supplied your home address, in order for me to provide you with written receipts, then this is also with your notes.

  • UK law states that this data must be kept by me for a minimum of seven years.
  • None of your data is entered onto a computer.
  • If you would like a copy of your notes I can supply a copy to you.
  • None of your data will ever be sold on, or shared with a third party.
  • If I am requested by a court of law to supply them with your notes I will do so.
  • Otherwise, and in all normal circumstances, your notes are confidential.