Fibromyalgia Treatments

I have particular interest in fibromyalgia as a close friend was diagnosed with it ten years ago. She is now recovered and well again. We have written two books about our work and research, and we teach you the tools we used that helped her recover.

I found that many acupuncture treatments did not work on fibromyalgia, or they might only work for a short while. They aimed to treat aspects of the condition that are secondary, rather than focussing on the main causes. This led me to develop a new treatment for fibromyalgia.

At Crown Hill Clinic we offer a set of treatments to resolve and reverse fibromyalgia. We use our new ccupuncture treatment specifically for fibromyalgia, along with Yin Yoga (a relaxing kind of gentle yoga designed for fibromyalgia sufferers), and bespoke nutritional advice.


Books on FibromyalgiaTaking Control of Fibromyalgia book and audiobook

Taking Control of Fibromyalgia: Following science on a natural path to health by Caroline Williams. Tristarr Publishing (2020). Available on Amazon and also as an audiobook with Audible.

(Co-author) From Fibromyalgia to Freedom: Follow my journey to restore your health, by Clair Starr, Eleanor Coston & Caroline Williams. Tristarr Publishing (2020). Available on Amazon.




You can see our YouTube channel here. Tristarr Publishing.

Video to accompany the book, acupressure for Fibromyalgia