Fibromyalgia Treatments

Fibromyalgia is a common and unpleasant condition with no known cures in western medicine. I have particular interest in Fibromyalgia as a close friend of mine was diagnosed some years ago with it.

I found that the standard acupuncture treatments do not work on Fibromyalgia, or they would only work for a short while. This has led me to develop a new treatment for Fibromyalgia, along with two of my colleagues.

At our clinic at Park Farm Practice we now offer a program to resolve and reverse Fibromyalgia which uses a new Acupuncture treatment specifically for Fibromyalgia, alongside special movement exercises,  and Yin Yoga (which is a completely different kind of yoga which is done lying down in relaxed positions with cushions), along with nutritional advice.

This combination has been successful for my friend (who is now pain-free) and we are now seeing other clients respond well to this strategy.