Acupuncture for Joint Pain & Arthritis

JointpainArthritis is common and can be debilitating.  Wear and tear to the cartilage, or growths on the surface of joints can change the way the joint sits and moves.  This may allow pressure to build up on nerves running close to the areas, or pull on the ligaments supporting the joint.

Acupuncture cannot replace the cartilage surfaces but may be able to relieve some of the pain associated with the condition.  This can be a huge relief to sufferers.  The pain caused by both Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis is often treated with Acupuncture and is both recommended and provided by the NHS in some hospitals and pain clinics.

I treat the area around the affected joint and also sometimes use a gentle heat treatment to relax and warm the muscles, which is very relaxing and comforting.


“Acupuncture with Caroline has helped me tremendously, the pain eased fairly quickly. I now have top-ups every three to four months.”