Anatomy In Motion Therapy

Foot1We are designed to move, and especially to walk.  When your feet are not supporting you correctly you might suffer with imbalances higher up your body, in your knees, pelvis, back, shoulders and neck.  Re-learning how to walk can be an enlightening process, for your body and your mind!

We all have habits that mean that slowly we become unbalanced like holding the phone, or a bag on one shoulder, or sitting on the sofa with the television to one side of you.  Are your desk and car completely symmetrical?  Or do you vacuum with one foot forwards, rather than the other?

The chances are that you have developed imbalances in your body over time and they contribute to, or are directly causing, muscular pain and joint problems.

Anatomy in Motion (AiM) Movement Therapy is a method of correcting postural problems, relieving pain, helping us with injury, repair and rehabilitation.  It reduces the likelihood of future injury and improving physical performance. It requires no equipment and is based around different principles to most exercise therapies.  The importance of the feet and the hips are key to making changes in your movement.

AiM can be effective, very quickly, I can integrate movement analysis into your Acupuncture sessions.  I can assess your posture and walking gait and show you simple exercises, which means you can make fundamental and lasting changes, by practicing at home between treatments.

“After doing the exercise you showed me last week I was able to go up the stairs on two legs, rather than on all fours as I have been previously!” FennFoot2

“I do Pilates, and I thought I knew how to walk!! It took me a little while to get the hang of the AiM exercises you showed me it but my back feels a lot better now.”

Our joints move through three planes of movement as we walk, checking that your joints are moving correctly allowing the muscles to perform properly.  AiM methodology creates efficiency in the body giving you more control, power and speed.

Most bodies are not functioning correctly and therefore certain muscles are rarely used and others become tight and overworked, just through daily living.

“Wow! That walking-stretch feels amazing after going for a run today!! Thank you ” Rachel

Pain relief, joint mobility, energy levels, sports performance and posture can all be improved by using Anatomy in Motion (AiM) exercises.