About Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient healing art that predates our medical system by 2000 years

Acupuncture has many abilities that western medicine does not have – like the ability to improve the energetic functioning of the body.  This is especially useful in chronic, ongoing conditions.  Acupuncture treatment makes a very useful complement to the tools that western medicine provides and may provide help for conditions that western medicine relies on drugs to caboutacupuncture1ontrol.

The diagnosis system in Chinese Medicine encompasses the whole person

The thoughts, emotions and lifestyle of each person are taken into consideration, so that your treatment is personalised and individual to you.  Often people find that a Chinese Medicine approach offers a logical explanation for the conditions they have.
It is often able to explain many seemingly unrelated symptoms and show the progression in your health history, between symptoms that might have been overlooked.

Acupuncture is a good solution for many conditions

Chinese medicine theory is a very exact art and the skill lies in the correct diagnosis of the signs and symptoms.  Only when the diagnosis is correct can the fine tuning of the body system be done with tiny needles placed gently in the correct combinations.  A skilled practitioner can make changes in the health of the patient, change their metabolism, their response to stress, relieve pain and improve the functioning of their body.

“Acupuncture? ..but I’m scared of needles!”

I think we are probably all scared of needles! It is only natural when injections are usually our only experience.  Acupuncture needles are very different, unlike an injection there is no blade and no pain!  Clients always comment that they expected it to hurt and that it doesn’t.  The Acupuncture needle is misnamed really, it is a hair thin tool that is just inserted under the skin with a quick tapping action.  I have treated children as young as seven (I usually recommend Homeopathy for younger children) and people into their nineties, both groups who would will happily tell you if it did hurt.

I use Japanese needling techniques which are especially gentle.  I have treated many people who were initially very anxious but Aboutacupuncture2who quickly found their treatment restful and relaxing.


Moxa is a herb, a type of Mugwort, that is burnt to introduce gentle warmth to the body.  This warms and moves the qi and is particularly good for muscular and arthritic conditions.

Small cones of moxa are placed near the skin and are allowed to smoulder gently. Larger areas are warmed by passing moxa above the skin.

Moxabustion is often used for people who feel the cold or who have poor energy levels and is a very comforting treatment.

I work at Crown Hill Clinic, in Botesdale, Suffolk