Acupuncture during Pregnancy

Acupuncture can be really useful in pregnancy for dealing with pregnancy related conditions, in preparing for birth, during labour and for post natal conditions.  Pregnancy2

At a time when medication is often undesirable it offers an extremely safe and effective alternative treatment, which is also relaxing and calming.


Pregnancy Symptoms that can be treated with Acupuncture:


Morning sickness – Many women put up with morning sickness but it can often be relieved for you.

Nausea and Appetite changes – because pregnancy is much more comfortable when you can eat what you want to.

Digestive problems – Acupuncture may strengthen the digestion and help it cope with restriction and metabolising for two.

Sciatica – pressure on the sciatic nerve is common in pregnancy, it causes pain running from the buttocks and down the legs, Acupuncture is often used to reducing these referred pains.

Back pain – Acupuncture can reduce back pain and help with tiredness in the lumbar area.

Tiredness – Acupuncture is relaxing and may improve your energy levels.

Pelvic Pain – can be easily treated without discomfort.


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