Acupuncture for Stress

How stress affects us

Often our digestion and sleep are the first to suffer from stress:

  • Spasms and food intolerancesStress
  • IBS or weight gain are common
  • Our sleeping patterns are changed
  • We don’t spend enough time in deep sleep but hover in a lighter sleep or wake frequently
  • Stress can also push us into an emotional crisis


Acupuncture recognizes the effects that worry and stress has on our whole body.

Stress is also the cause of less obvious symptoms; PMT, muscular weakness, tightness in the tendons, eye problems or back pain.  Acupuncture may have the ability to balance the endocrine and hormonal systems to relieve these symptoms.

The treatment is very calming and can help us to feel better immediately.  This can give you a better idea of how to monitor your own stress levels, to cope with it more effectively and give you more control over it.

Five Element Acupuncture uses a different combination of points and specific points that have affects on our emotions.  We have treatments to calm the mind and relieve anxiety, relieve frustration and generally help us cope by calming our system.


“Acupuncture was a good experience for me. Caroline was very helpful and her knowledge of diet and medication proved to be of enormous benefit to me.”


“The symptoms are much reduced and a totally different condition has been totally cleared. I’m very pleased.”