Anatomy in Motion – Movement Therapy

Foot1Anatomy in Motion is a system to help the body to move better.

AIM can help us with posture, walking or running pain, back and neck problems and foot and ankle issues.

I can assess your posture and walking gait and show you simple exercises, which means you can make fundamental and lasting changes, by practicing at home between treatments.

Looking at your posture and how you walk, will show me which joints are moving correctly. What tends to happen is that some joints move less than they should, because of our exercise habits, or from injuries to the muscles, and then other joints and muscles have to compensate and work harder. These imbalances are ok for a while but after time they cause stiffness and pain. 

Some of these assessments can be combined with an acupuncture treatment if you choose.

Foot exercises to relieve pain and promote movement in the whole body

Our feet should flex and move as we walk on them. Most people I see have stiff and inflexible feet. As part of your appointment I will provide you with a set of foot exercise wedges so you can take them home afterwards.

The simple exercises require no special equipment and are based on different principles to most exercise therapies.   The exercises are very gentle and easy to do. I have worked with several very elderly clients who were almost unable to walk from foot pain who found the exercises effective and helpful.


This short video demonstrates how the foot should move.



“After doing the exercise you showed me last week I was able to go up the stairs on two legs, rather than on all fours as I have been previously!”  FennFoot2


“I do Pilates, and I thought I knew how to walk!! It took me a little while to get the hang of the AiM exercises you showed me it but my back feels a lot better now.”


“Wow! That walking-stretch feels amazing after going for a run today!! Thank you”  Rachel (athlete)


‘I hadn’t been able to do any gardening for two years because of the terrible pain in my feet, but now I am doing the exercises you showed me I can walk out of the house and do the garden again. My only other option was having surgery on my feet so I am pleased I can now avoid that.’